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How do I get rid of large furniture or appliances?


Contact the board at to advise that you will have an item that needs removal. The board can advise the cost, and then arrange a pick up if you agree to the charge.  This is a special pick-up that will need to arranged. The charge for this is $55 for each cubic yard or part thereof.  A three-cushion couch comes out to $110.  


Do not leave any items by the garbage or in the common areas of the buildings.  A fine of $500 will be imposed for dumping.    

You may want to consider posting your item on the "Lisle Buy Nothing" Facebook group, or other groups that are available. Or, see if the delivery company of your new item will take your old one away for a nominal charge.  There are also a number of volunteer organizations that you can call to see if they will accept your item.  


This site seems to take many large items and either donates or disposes of them.  They are located in Naperville  (The board is not affiliated with this organization.)

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