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About Condo B

Four Lakes Village is divided into seven condo associations and two apartment complexes. We are association B. The Master Homeowners Association known as the MHOA, is responsible for the common areas of Four Lakes that are outside outside the jurisdiction of the individual associations. These areas are part of the Four Lakes recreation package, which includes, boats, pools, volley ball courts, a ski hill, and other Four Lakes Activities. The MOHA also oversees the the care of the Four Lakes Grounds, as well as  general maintenance of the common buildings and roads. For more information about the MHOA USE THIS LINK.

Current Board Members




Vice President


Ken Rossal

Carol Hendrix

John Wills Sr.

Philene Lorentz

Mike Vukmir

Since The New Board Was Elected In February, the following list are only some of the board's accomplishments to date.
Our Goal is to Make Four Lakes Condo B a GREAT Place to Live!  

Welcome to Condo Association B.

Condo B Association includes 5900, 5950, 6000, 6010, and 6020 Oakwood Drive in Lisle, IL 60532.  Our association board consists of a group of five volunteer  homeowners who live within the Condo B and were  elected by Condo B homeowners.  Our board members are dedicated to the betterment of our community

  • Had a undrivable car removed had been sitting unattended for months

  • Roof Inspection and Tuckpointing for Building 6000 in process

  • Removal of 40 dead trees

  • Replacement of rotted wood in pergolas for all buildings - In Process

  • Repaired, Painted and installed new hardware in all garbage corals,

  • Replaced, replaced and painted fences. 

  • Placed mulch around patios and updated landscaping.

  • Repaired fences and Garbage Chute cleaning - In Process.

  • Saved $1300 per month on hall cleaning.

  • Repaired roof drains that were causing sink holes and flooding.

  • Switched garbage companies and saved more money.

  • Fixed basement ceiling in 6020.

  • Established new website exclusively for Condo B.

     And there are More Improvements to come!


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